2018.3 MFA Thesis Solo Exhibition, Human Zoo, NYC

2017.8 Memory, Identity&Displacement, Ambivalent Distance, NYC

2017.5 Expressing Unique Identity in Art, Ambivalent Distance, The Common Place Art Exhibition, NYC

2017.5 Pratt Fine Arts MFA Open Studio, Ambivalent Distance, NYC

2017.4 Crash Landing on Monday Morning, Zoo, NYC

2016.11 Pratt Fine Arts MFA Open Studio, Zoo, NYC

2015.7 ArtGoGo Expo, Alienation and Acquaintance, Eternity in a Flash, Global Harbor, Shanghai

2015.6 Shanghai Young Art Fair, Obscurity and Difference, INTEX Shanghai, Shanghai

2013.6 Commotion and Prejudice: Photography & Video Exhibition of ECNU Excellent Graduates, Alienation and Acquaintance, Around Space Gallery, Shanghai

2012.4 Routine (Ri·Chang), 2012 Zendai Young Artist Group Exhibition, Untitled, Binoculus, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai